April Additions

You are probably wondering how did I manage to shop in April when all brick and mortar and on line stores have been closed for over two months. How could I possibly shop when only supermarkets and pharmacies are open. Well, happens I had purchased several items prior to all of this and was going to offer them on my IG online shop but after washing and trying several of them on, I thought I'd keep them.

Light pink vintage Liz Claiborne blouse and bright green vintage blouse with black buttons in the neckline Jo Hardin.

Another vintage beauty is this off white blouse from New Editions.
All 3 blouses were 1.07 USD each.

A pair of trousers JH Collection vintage, that actually FIT before going into quarantine for about 3.00 USD.


Tweed shift dress made in Italy Carla Loti.
Also a military green color vest with pleated pockets made in France by Bestini.

A pair of light yellow shorts by Sandro. 

Sequin vintage off white top by Laurence Kazar New York for about 10.00 USD.

So, there you have it, 8 pieces. 


Sheila said...

Shopping the giveaway or the "to be sold" pile is what I've been doing too! You have such a great eye for quality pieces. I still think about what a force we would be shopping together!

Laura B said...

I just love that tweed shift dress and those yellow shorts! I can't wait to see you wear them!