Things that don't fit

Blue jean overalls MNG Mango - Striped flats H&M - White button shirt 
Speaking of garments that do not fit, here comes the jean overall. I could barely pull it up. It use to be loose. So, tight as it is I am wearing it as a reminder that I need to stop and evaluate what I can do to get that extra weight off and how I can do it. 

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Laura B said...

That's frustrating when clothes don't fit! The Christmas cookies weren't kind to my waistline either and I'm working on running more to help! And not snacking which can be so hard!

Mica said...

You'd never tell from the photo, the overalls still look great on you! :)

Hope that your week is going well and you have a fun weekend ahead of you :)

Away From Blue

Tarequl said...

Absolutely amazing looks,. Love them all. Thanks for sharing it!
Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Sheila said...

Ugh, I hear you! I have a few things that I refuse to "grow out" of, like my McQueen pants, my Andre Courreges skirt and my leather jeans - they keep me honest with myself about my weight.

I actually think this looks great on you, Lorena! You make me reconsider my anti-overall stance!