Edit or not

Cropped slip on black pants Levi's, here  

Soutache earrings 

Neon blouse H&M, similar - Mini tote bag Ferragamo, similar in black - Scalloped flats H&M, similar

I have been wanting to edit my closet. The reason is because nothing fits. It should not be the reason though. Because that would mean I am officially moving up a size and accepting it. So, as my closet continues to overflow I try to put myself together and begin doing something to change that. I want to edit but, I want to edit clothes that fit. 

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Mica said...

I love your bright top! I find my weight fluctuates a lot - although after I had my eldest boy I did go through and donate all the pieces that didn't fit when he was older - I reasoned I was never going to fit them then, haha! I miss a few pieces but I did the declutter with a personal stylist so it helped me set a plan for my wardrobe going ahead to. I still think of her comments when I shop sometimes! A lot of my wardrobe is elasticated waists anyway so it's more forgiving when my wight goes up or down, hehe :)

Away From Blue

backinstyle said...

Just don't edit your adorable little dog! Hope you have a great weekend. Our weather forecasts snow for Saturday to put a wrench in everybody's plans!

Tarequl said...

I hope this new year brings good health and good fortune.

Sheila said...

I get this - I refuse to give up things I love because they don't fit. I would rather just hold off a bit and get myself and my weight back under control. I know you can do this, hon. Hang in there!