New in September

I do not know where my purchases or new items in my closet stand right now. I am making an effort to put it together.

I'll start with a pair of Gap cropped trousers and black ripped jeans that were from a friend's closet edit.

Vintage black belt by Gucci purchased in a recent trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, 40.00 USD.

A vintage Krizia Maglia cashmere and wool black sweater and cardigan set 9.00 USD

And then I traveled and purchased a few things here and there.

In Florence
Lumina turquoise wrap like dress 16.00 USD

Lumina black polka dot skirt, 15.00 USD

Yellow straw flats 10.00 USD 
Light pink leather flats 10.00 USD

Straw suit case bag 
2 pairs of vintage dead stock sunglasses 

In Genoa
Polka dot dress Morando Genova about 12.00 USD

Vintage blouse Genoa
Zara acrylic heel shoes 15.00 USD

In Monaco
Light blue souvenir silk scarf

In Cannes 
? I am sure I bought something !

In Nice
Polyester dress - vintage 

$ 20.00 ? 

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Sheila said...

Sounds like it's been a whirlwind of travel for you, Lorena!