Another 5 ways to wear a scarf

The dusty scarves in your closet ? Here are another 5 way of wearing them:
¿Pañuelos llenos de polvo de tu closet ? Aquí tienes 5 maneras de usarlos:

1. Dress up a dress with a longer scarf, do bow in the front, take advantage of the key hole design:


2.  Just like you tied it to the front in the first option, now do it in the back. Make a bow or let is hang loose like I did.

3. Instead of adding a brooch, stuff a scarf it in your blazer pocket.

4. Layer it with pearls. 

5.  Tie one on your wrist and add a pendant to it.

How else are you wearing your scarves these days ?


alanys de gracia said...

In my purse “twilly style” loving the option No. 4

Mica T said...

These are such great ideas! I love how they are so different - you think up some really unique ways to wear your scarves :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Sheila said...

I did a scarf through my ponytail elastic - hey, that's a big deal for me! I also tied one onto a purse. Go, me! Ha ha!