Button malfunction

Black trousers Mario Serrani, identical slim fit - Block heel shoes Breckelle's, similar 
Black tote bag Furla
Rose embroidered  collar printed collar top Sister Jane, here a fabulous option  

I had a meeting this morning which was followed by a series of store checks. Whenever I do store checks it means tons of walking, which is the reason I opted for dark trousers and shoes with a low block heel. Everything was going well, when suddenly in the car, as I arranged the velvet ribbon on this shirt, a button fell on my hand. I rapidly searched inside my cosmetic bag where I keep a small sewing kit and right there and then sewed the button back on. I never thought sewing a button on a garment I was wearing, while riding a car, all in less than a minute would feel like a small victory. What was your last wardrobe malfunction?

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Mica T said...

Oh you did well! I couldn't have done that! I've had wardrobe malfunctions before and I've had to rush out and buy something to replace the piece usually, if I can't cover it up! ha!

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Sheila said...

I keep a stash of safety pins in my desk at work in case of my (or others') wardrobe malfunctions. The worst was when I ripped a blouse I was wearing, while I was at work. That made me really sad. I just wore it for the rest of the day - I didn't see too many people that day, and I had a camisole under it.