Overall story

Blue overall denim MNG Mango, similar here -  Top J teal 
Doctor bag Baurisar - Silk on shoes flats
I love denim overalls. That being said, I had an awful experience wearing these. I was just about to leave home and decided to have a quick stop at the bathroom. Sparing you the details, the denim strap and hook ended up inside the toilet bowl. Needless to say, I had to change.
What's your overall story ?


Mica T said...

The bathroom issue is why overalls and jumpsuits aren't for me, I'm clumsy enough as it is, and it's just too fussy to have to worry about when I'm fighting for a moment's peace in the bathroom with the boys, ha! On the plus side, this outfit looked cute before you had to go change!

Away From The Blue Blog

backinstyle said...

I'm a fan of this outfit-too bad you don't get to wear it, this time! This combination looks so happy and carefree-I'll bet it brings smiles to the faces of people you meet!