Outfits that fail

Level 99 jeans, similar rolled cuff option here - Black scallop flats Sam Edelman, similar - Baurisar doctor's bag 
Blue striped button shirt Lacoste almost identical - Blue and white polka dot sweater Liz Claiborne, almost identical
This is one of them: an outfit that failed. 
The shirt might me too snug, the jeans too low cut, the proportions seem to be off. I can't pin it down.
The reason I am posting is because when I look back I want to learn from mistakes (like I ever do) and in order to keep this real. 
What I wear here is what I wear in real life. No getting dressed for the blog, I dress for life and we fail at life too. Nothing is that perfect. 
What was your last failed outfit ? Did you post it?

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Shea Sayers said...

I wouldn't say this is a fail, that seems harsh! But I agree that maybe the jeans aren't quite right--would a darker wash work better with that shirt? But I totally get it and have outfits like that too, or outfits I think look okay until I see photos. But you're right, that's just life!

Sheila said...

Yeah, I wouldn't call this a fail either, Lorena, but then I'm not wearing it. I fail (in my mind) all the time with my outfits - I don't usually say so on the blog though. I like hearing what others say, and that helps me get perspective on it. Sometimes I'm just having a bad day and nothing would feel right.

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

super cool combo :D

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jodie filogomo said...

I totally learn more from my fails than my good outfits, I think!! I don't think yours is terrible though Lorena. The jeans may not be the best on you, but it could be they just don't feel modern??

Mica T said...

I don't see anything wrong with this, it's a classic outfit combo and the polka dots are fun with the stripes. I think how you feel in an outfit is more important than how something looks though!

When I had my first blog, nothing ever felt good enough to post, so with my current one I resolved to share everything I took a photo of - good or bad! It's been great to honestly reflect on why I didn't like outfits, so I can make changes next time I wear pieces :) I even have a category dedicated to the outfit fails!

Hope that you are having a great week so far :)

Away From The Blue Blog

E said...

I think it's super close to a success. Maybe just higher-waisted pants? I really like the preppy vibes and I'm glad you shared it!

District of Chic

Straight A Style said...

I wouldn't call this a fail! I like the print mixing.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style