Same day today

Talk about a good throw back, here is what I was wearing in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 the exact same day as today.
Below is the 2010 #OOTD, not a single item of the clothes I am wearing remain in my closet. Just the accessories are still around.
Of the 2011 #OOTD below, the white blouse and printed scarf still remain in my closet, the rest is long gone..
Moving on to 2012, the only two pieces that are still around from this #OOTD in yellow top are the sunglasses and the jeans...
Finally from the 2013 archives below, the only thing left are the bright yellow shoes.

If you were to do this today, what percentage of your clothes do you think would still be around?


Sheila said...

Oh, I think about 5% of my clothing sticks around - very few pieces make the cut year after year after year. I love seeing this flashback of your old outfits! I remember a lot of these posts!

Mica T said...

I think this would be interesting to try! I was planning out my 30 wears post for next month and I was amazed by how many pieces in the outfits I no longer had! I'm trying to buy less and wear more of what I have for longer before buying new things, so it will be interesting to do this in a few years and see what my progress has been!

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