Double Gs

Zig zag dress Intrigue - Black block heel velvet shoes Juicy Couture, similar - Black tote bag Furla -
Black and white blazer Suzy Shier, similar - Gucci sunglasses - Belt here
Belt, here - Lavender nail varnish Sally Hansen, here  - Ruby and Amethyst gold ring, similar 

Went to the mall a few weeks ago and walked into the Gucci store. Looked around and asked to see some really cool tricolor headbands and then a particular belt. I fell in love until I saw the price tag. Don't get me wrong, the price of something is whatever you are willing to pay for it and in my case as much as I loved the belt I'd have to wear it at least 400 times to get a good cost per wear. So, I walked out of the store empty handed and a week later while reading Laura's blog, she was wearing the double G belt and she mentioned it was a dupe, it looked so good
I was tempted, but these days I do not buy dupes (or so I say). Sure there was a time when  going to Canal Street was a must when visiting New York. Along the way I decided if I wanted something that was expensive/designer either I saved up or bought it from consignment shops when the price was lower. So, I had been looking for this belt on consignment shops, found it and actually missed out as when I got there one belt was sold and the other was too big.
So, yes. I confess, I fell for a dupe and hit that "buy it now" button in a blink of an eye for this belt , it cost less than 5% of the real product price. . 
Today is my first time wearing it and I do plan to continue trying to find the real thing, but in the meantime this is it.
Your turn, ever fall for a dupe ? 


Sheila said...

Oh, I've fallen for fakes! And I've bought things that were labeled "fake" and were real! I think it all evens out - and if you love the piece, who cares?

I love your beautiful purple ring - and I love that you're wearing this dress again!

Mica T said...

It looks great with your dress and blazer!

I think there's a big difference between inspired and fake. And I've bought inspired things many times. If it's sold as and trying to pass as a Gucci belt I'd be worried, but it's obviously not labeled as that, wouldn't have any Gucci packaging, etc, so I say it's an inspired version.

Hope you have had a great week so far and you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! It's been a bit cooler and rainy this week here but I'm not complaining, I'm excited Autumn is starting to arrive at last :)

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Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

I want your belt :D nice look

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Dressed With Soul said...

The truth is that no one will see that you are wearing a dupe. Personally I don't wear dupes although I think it is okay when one is doing this like you as e. g. the price for a Gucci belt is indeed shocking high. Love your dress btw!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute style darling