Obligation to wear

Black jean trousers Cato - Yellow tank top - Short sleeve jacket Nathalie B., similar by Valentino - Taupe shoes Breckelle's

 Rust color Pagani hand bag, similar nicer one here 

I recently found this short sleeve jacket in the back of the closet, it dates to at least 2009. Also from the depths of my closet is this rust colour handbag from 2011. I won't even tell you about the trousers. Seems like the moment I peek into the closet the unworn garments reach out for me and I almost feel like I have an obligation to wear them. So, I did. 
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Jacquard Flower said...

Really love the trousers! Have a great weekend,

Gemma x

Porcelina said...

I love the "obligation to wear" sentiment - I'm working through my own. That's a lovely bag, that style comes back into fashion over and over, so I'd definitely hold onto it if I were you! x

Jane Droll said...

Looking good! I think the sunglasses are my favorite though -- I have been obsessing on getting a pair of white sunglasses! Soon!

Beauty Unearthly said...

You look super cute and comfy!

Sheila said...

Toss the jacket (it looks dated to me), keep the lovely trousers! They look amazing on you. I'm not really a bag person, but I love that you are working through all your clothes in your closet. Well done!

Mica T said...

You know I had a very similar jacket! A few in fact! A grey one and a black one and I think a cream one. I wore them to my first 'proper' job, maybe 2007/2008? Don't have them any more, I think I outgrew them, and I know one got destroyed over time in the wash as they weren't high quality.

I really need to be better at wearing little worn pieces in my wardrobe like you do.

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

HaHaHa Lorena! Are you hiding things from yourself in your closet? Glad you're pulling them out and wearing them.