Throw back to "First day"

All items from this post are no longer in the closet

I figured it would be a good day to do a throw back to the first outfit post in this blog. "First day" was the title of the first outfit post I ever did almost eight years ago. If there is one thing I enjoy is being able to look back at old outfits, in fact its one of the things that keeps me blogging. 
A few months ago I discovered a blogger who had been around for a while just like me, but had removed pictures from her early posts and left just the text. Of course her pictures had been getting better so my guess is she decided to focus on the present.
In my case, those are staying up, because there is where I can see my start line and really measure how far I've come. 
I'd love to know what you think, would you remove your earlier posts, if so, why ?


Straight A Style said...

Eight years - wow, congrats!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Beauty Unearthly said...

Love the bag!

Gerrilyn said...

No, I would leave them up because I would be younger and probably skinnier in the old pictures!

Natalie Sampson said...

Congrats for the 8 years! I hope I can make it that far! I wouldn't remove the picture. It is nice to look back every now and then and see how far we have gone. This is also good for the readers to show them we all start somewhere

Mica T said...

Congrats on 8 years of blogging! You're so ahead of me! :)

I would love to delete some of my older photos and outfits! I think I'm happy with the photos and outfits now, but maybe in 5 years I'll be cringing over them too. I'm just leaving them there - some of my old posts are very (thousands of views) popular and I'm not sure why. Obviously someone still enjoys them!

Away From The Blue Blog

Sheila said...

Some of my old pictures are just awful, but I'd never delete them! I love seeing all of my old self.

Porcelina said...

Really fun to see your first post - I say keep them, it's good to see how our style evolves over time.

MimaMochi said...

That Zebra sweater is super cute! I love how quirky and unique it is.

Adrianna |