The most of..

White shirt Bite Back Collar - Pull & Bear, expensive one I'd like here
Jeans Red Valentino - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti
Brown bag Coach - Evil eye cuff, another version here 

During my recent three month shopping ban I did a little closet dissection. I went through several items I knew I had multiples of, but was not sure exactly how many. To my surprise, or not, I was able to count at least 26 white tops and shirts hanging in the closet. This shirt is one of them. I did not count those in the laundry bag or those pending to be ironed. Also did a quick count of my black trousers, here I counted over ten of them: high waisted, cropped, leggings. Now it's your turn: What's the garment you have the most of?
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Sheila said...

I'm sure it's a toss-up between black skirts and red boots!

Gerrilyn said...

I can relate, I have an excess of white tops, and rarely wear any of them. I'm trying to change that!

Mica T said...

I have a LOT of grey tees, so that would be similar to your white tops, only they are all tees without a lot of variations....hmm. I can't get rid of them though! I've downsized a lot and it just gets harder to part with them the more I get rid of.

Dresses are the one item of clothing I have the most of though. I have somehow started creeping back up to 50 dresses. I'm at 41 at the moment and when I can fit back into and wear everything (most aren't breastfeeding friendly) I'm going to try be better at identifying ones I no longer need.

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Fashion Snobber said...

Look very chic, love your style and this outfit is perfect! *_*

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

And this is my fafourite :) You know that I like this kind of casual snd smart-casual. Simple, 2 colors, classic - and thats all that woman need for daily clothes. Most important is CLASSIC fasion. It may be normal white shirt, but must be classic and timeless.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I certainly don't have that many white tops or black bottoms. The most thing I have is probably blue jeans -- I might have 15 pairs of those, lol.

Beauty Unearthly said...

You look super cute :)

Natalie Sampson said...

A classic combination with an unexpected touch.