Rust pleat skirt Forever 21 - Grey long vest Valette - Grey top Express - Zebra print heels Bershka - Black bag Nina Ricci
Striped fabric and bead necklace from Peru, similar style by Marni here - Black velvet sunglasses similar

I vividly recall when I purchased this rust pleat skirt, I loved the color and the style which seemed somewhat unusual. It was a bit big but I figured that a trip to the tailor would make the fit perfect so I went for it. After hanging in the closet for months, wore it once and then had the waist taken in. Then wore it again
As I am not happy with any of the ways I have worn it, I opted for googling the garment, see how other women were wearing it, how the retailer styled it. Below are my searches, it looks superb on the model and others have styled it more successfully than I. I am totally disenchanted with this garment or maybe its with my ability to style it. Then again wearing something you like should not be that difficult. What do you think ?

 Images via Pinterest

Left image via Pinterest , Right image from Miss O. image via 

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Kim Alston said...

HaHaHa Lorena! I love those skirts as well and always had trouble styling mine. I like it with the white top! Have you tried that? That's what I do when I can't seem to style a piece. I look at ways others have styled it. Also hashtag #invertedpleatedskirt on instagram. I hashtag to get ideas as well.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I actually adore the way you styled it with the sleeveless vest. You could try it out again with a long coat, but I do think you did a great job. I think the skirt, itself, is quite lovely. And I love the unique necklace, too.

Courtney Erin said...

It's such a beautiful piece, although I definitely sympathize with feeling disenchanted with particular garments when you go to try to style them. I feel like I'd opt for a fitted, black top with this gorgeous skirt - maybe one that hits just right at the waist?

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Straight A Style said...

I was actually just scrolling the photos thinking this skirt looked great on you!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Gerrilyn said...

Just my two cents, but I have found one of my problems is seeing a piece of clothing on a thin model and being disappointed with that same piece of clothing on my curvy body. It's like I'm in 3-D and the model is only 2-D. Of course it doesn't look the same on me and it never will. It doesn't look worse, just different. I have to remember that when I look for styling ideas because no styling would make that skirt look the same on me as it does on that straight up and down model. I have to remember to not have those unrealistic expectations, and then be disappointed when something doesn't look on me like it does in my mind's eye. I think it is a great skirt in a great color and style, it looks nice on you, and the only thing I MIGHT change is to hem it up just a little so that it hits you in the same place on the leg as the model. But it doesn't really need hemming, just depends on how you want it to look. I am short like you and proportion is EVERYTHING. Gerrilyn

Shybiker said...

I agree with the others that the skirt looks good on you. I also understand what you mean when you say it doesn't look the way you expected it to. That happens to me all the time. What I imagine in my head differs from what exists in real life.

Mica T said...

It is a lovely skirt! :) I find that often things don't look how I expect them to. Often the longer I've wanted something, the less I like it when I do get it, as I've built it up so much in my mind, if that makes sense?

Hopefully you can come up with another way to wear it that you'll like more, as it is a nice skirt.

Away From The Blue Blog

Anja Ge said...

Lovely outfit and great pictures with amazing backgroud :)
Have a good day!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

I love such skirt as well and yes it's such a pain to style them! i normally go for some no-brainer top. I also love your bag

Inside and Outside Blog

mummabstylish said...

Nice rust skirt, styled nicely and great to 'link' up with you. Jacqui

LyddieGal said...

It does look like it fits well, and I think the unique shape is really lovely. Maybe you are over thinking styling it? As far as the other stylings, I definitely prefer the ones where is skirt isn't obscured by a longer layer.
Chic on the Cheap

J. Elle said...

I think this skirt looks great on you and I really like the pleat and rust color. I like it with the simple tee, vest, and statement necklace. I think it would look great with just a tee, or perhaps a top and cropped jacket. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Lorena!

Natalie Sampson said...

Pinterest and Instagram are always a great source for inspiration! Love the skirt and how you styled it!