Off white V neck sweater Tommy Hilfiger, similar in Merino wool under 30.00 USD here - Grey skirt Casual, similar here
Black cap toe flats Zara, almost identical here, Houndstooth print hand bag, similar one by Ferragamo here 

You would think that at almost 2 months and a half into my 3 month shopping ban I would have worn all those garments hanging in the closet BNWT
Yep, there's plenty of items hanging brand new with tags and to tell you the truth I may have worn just one or two since the beginning of the year. By now I would have hoped to have worn at least half of them but it is not the case. 
I tell myself that most of these BNWT items are dresses and  that I have not had a lot of opportunities to wear them or maybe, just maybe, like I said to Lydia, I have a closet for a different life to the one I live. 
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Mica T said...

I love the simplicity of this outfit! :)

I found I was doing the same thing - buying pretty yet impractical for my lifestyle things that would get left new with tags in my wardrobe for years in some cases. My "wear things twice in the month I buy them" rule has really helped with that, as did the wardrobe detox with the personal stylist. In saying that though I still have a trench NWT I haven't worn yet as I scored it for over $160 off (it was reduced to $20!!!!) that I got in the Cyber Monday sales and the weather just hasn't been right for it. So it doesn't completely stop those purchases!

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Brooke A said...

Love the skirt! I have a few new items hanging in my closet too.

pumps and push-ups

Aria Di Bari said...

I love this casual chic outfit, especially those flats!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Love the combination of outfit!

Ayu Damayanthi said...

Lovely skirt and neutral tops you have in here!

Would you like to follow each other?


Lyddiegal said...

Yeah, I still have a few new things I haven't worn yet! Not many, but they are there none the less. Along with all the old things I'm not sure if i should keep or let go of. Like my grey wool skirt that I altered twice. Now I'm thinking I'll need to give it at least one more wear.