The Printed Trousers

Mango MNG printed trousers - Green cardigan 525 America - Burgundy flats French Soles - Black bag Tous
One of the most awful things is having a closet full or garments that do not fit. This is my case, most of my clothing is currently tight and its becoming a burden to get dressed. I have been gaining weight and its taking a toll not only on getting dressed but also on how I feel. I tried a nutritionist and things went well for about a month however after losing several pounds I went right back by gaining them. So, bear with me, like these green print trousers are...
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Sheila said...

Oh, hon, this is such a hard thing to deal with. *hugs* Please wear things that you love that FIT, so that you feel good about yourself, no matter what size you are. Sort out taking care of yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally) - please put yourself first and take care of YOU. Even if this means 1-2 dresses and a few skirts/tops, wear things that make you feel happy and pretty, so that you can focus on yourself.

I don't talk about this much on the blog, but I really struggle with my weight - I lost 50 lbs nearly 10 years ago, and one of the reasons I work for WW is so that I can control that. It's a horrible feeling, when you feel like things are spiraling out of control, and you start feeling bad about yourself. I know how that loss of self esteem can quickly cause things to get worse.

I want only the best for you, Lorena, so I hope you don't take this the wrong way - you can delete this comment if you want to. Please take care of yourself, hon.


LEN K said...

So in love with your pants!

Kim Alston said...

Lorena, don't lose your confidence! I would've never known. You look great in all of your pictures. I love these pants! And your sweater!

Mica T said...

I concur with Kim - you'd never know unless you read it as you don't look uncomfortable or like you're wearing things that are too tight. I know photos don't always tell the full story though.

Like Sheila says, it's more important how you feel. So if that means wearing these pretty printed pants more often, or some more forgiving dresses, do that! :) It is intensely frustrating when you can't fit into something you wanted to wear, but while you're working on it, take the chances you can to anticipate it and stick to some easier to wear pieces until you feel ready to tackle the less forgiving items in your wardrobe. The lack of stress may help :)

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Shelbee On The Edge said...

Lorena, I, too, have had this same battle for the past 6 years or so. It can be so frustrating. I have since found new and different ways to dress my body in a more comfortable way that I am confident with. And many days leggings with an elastic waistband are my best friends! These pants of yours, however, are so fabulous! The colors and the print are just magnificent and they very much flatter your figure! Very gorgeous outfit, indeed!