Custom made

Black sweater - Orange trousers Sculpture, I want to replace them with these 
Silver and glass teardrop pendant, exact here and matching earrings here
Gingham shoes custom made, espadrille version here, similar here and here 
In a world where everything is serial made it's a breath of fresh air when you can find something that can be custom made. I wanted a pair of gingham shoes since spotting ones from J. Crew a few months back. 
Shoe makers are not easy to come by, but someone I know knew someone else who is a customer of this shoe maker, who then referred it to me. This one in particular only makes two or three styles of shoes mostly flats - all with fabric.
So, sometime in October I picked out black and white gingham fabric, the black zig zag ribbon and then paid a visit to the shoe maker's shop which is a tiny place run by an elderly gentleman and his wife. 
I got there with really high expectations but my wings were rapidly cut - however there were little things they were able to do for me, like leather soles. 
Two weeks later I picked up my shoes and today I am wearing them for the first time today. 
When was the last time you had something custom made, what was it ?
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LyddieGal said...

I think I understand what you mean, even when you were going to have something custom made, you still couldn't get exactly what you wanted. I like to say when I win the lottery I'm going to find out how to have shoe lasts designed exactly to my feet and have all my shoes custom made. No more issues with my short, wide, differently sized feet. The dream.

Still, the gingham fabric is super cute, and I love the little detail of the lace trim.

Sheila said...

They are really cute shoes - was it worth it to you? Cost vs what you wanted?

My last custom thing was my tattoos, ha ha! I had what I wanted, but they always turn out differently (tattooists are artists, so you can't strictly dictate a tattoo).

My REAL last custom thing was a couple of hats that I asked a hatmaker to create for me. I just gave her ideas for colour/style and then let her go - I bought two from her.

Mica T said...

Oh these are great shoes! How nice you could get them custom made, and even if you weren't able to get everything you wanted I really like the finished result! :) I wouldn't know of anywhere here we could get something like that made. There's a website that does it but I don't know of any stores you can go into in person.

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Kim Alston said...

I wish I knew a shoemaker! Those gingham shoes are just too cute.