Always Tea Time

Blue dress by Red Valentino, similar for a fraction of what I paid here and here  
Silver envelope clutch bag Zara, almost identical here and here similar here - United Nude EAMZ Shoes, similar here  

If I told you everything I did today you would be surprised. One of the last things I did this Saturday was get a quick blow dry and run to an Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower. I was in such a hurry - that I did not even let my hair down for pictures. Funny - or not - was that even though I was fifteen minutes late, I was the first to get there. Then again as the Mad Hatter would say "It's always tea time".


Sheila said...

What a lovely colour dress! I also really like that you did the tassel necklace down the back instead of the front, but WOW, those shoes!! Can you hear me squealing from here??

Óscar Palomares said...

¡Buenos días, Lorena! El vestido de Red Valentino con falda evasé y mangas de efecto abullonado es precioso... Pero los zapatos, ay los zapatos! Me encantan esos salones con tacón invisible, me parecen de lo más original que he visto en mucho tiempo!

Un beso y a disfrutar del fin de semana,
Le Style et Moi

Mica T said...

Those shoes are insanely awesome! :D Really like the necklace worn backwards too, the tassel is great against the blue dress :)

Pleased your no buy challenge is going so well! Half of the first month completed! Hope you are having a lovely week :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Cata said...

Amazing pictures and beautiful dress!

Meyrilu Rodríguez said...

Ay ay ay los zapatos son una hermosura! Estoy enamorada♥ Me gustó mucho cómo combina el fondo tan colorido con tu outfit, le da un súper toque.

jodie filogomo said...

Stunning outfit Lorena!! The shoes, the color of the dress, and wearing your necklace to the back!! I'm so in awe!!

Porcelina said...

Those shoes!! A feat of engineering. Fab shade of blue on you x

Brooke A said...

Gorgeous dress! I love the color. Your shoes are really fun too!

Pumps and Push-Ups

Tatjana said...

I remember the shoes from your Instagram, they look even better on you!
Love the summer dress as well, blue really fits you:)
Cheers to you darling!
Love from

LyddieGal said...

Those shoes are so perfect for the theme, just so whimsical! And they are freaking me out in the last photo because it's hard to tell there is even any heel at all!

It's been my experience that people are generally late, especially to things like parties. On Christmas eve no one arrived sooner than 15 minutes after the time. When I had my own little christmas party, with the exception of Meg, who likes to be half hour early to everything and had already cleared that with me (I was like, well I'm not gonna be dressed yet...) all my other guests arrived 40 minutes to over an hour late.

Personally, I HATE being late!

Kim Alston said...

As a fan of Alice In Wonderland everything, I would've loved being at that event. You looked beautiful Lorena.