Fuchsia colour block dress - Yellow heels Tsubo - Handmade flower clutch Pisaq, Peru - Soutache style earrings

February 2014 I purchased these earrings after hunting them down. I'd seen a girl wearing them complimented her while asking where they were from. I then found the seller, which was not close to where I live and had a friend from work pick them up for me. Later on I learned they were "soutache", the name comes from the French style ribbon used to make these. Today I realised they matched my Peruvian clutch and that they were the perfect accessories for one of the dresses from yesterday's post  and voilá: an outfit was born. 
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Soutache accessories:


Laura Bambrick said...

Those earrings are gorgeous! I absolutely love the colors and the same with your clutch! They work perfectly together!

Sheila said...

We match today - I wore pink and orange too. Soutache - never heard that term before. Love the earrings/clutch - so pretty!

Mica T said...

Never heard of soutache before, but they are lovely earrings and I really like the colours in your dress too :) Going to have to look for a way to drop soutache into conversation now, hehe!

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Kim Alston said...

Well they are a beautiful compliment to your collection. Love the festive colors! Love your outfit Lorena.

LyddieGal said...

What a fun pair of earrings! I too will hunt things down mercilessly. I'm so bad. I do love this bright pink dress on you too.