Jumper gone wrong

Black jumper dress Cottura - Black flats Sam Edelman -
Green tee shirt Charter Club - Black bag with red green stripe
I'm the first one to admit that something does not look well. In this case, the black jumper dress purchased not too long ago. It looked ok in the dressing room and I was in a hurry, so I did not stop to further evaluate and just bought it. Today I am ready to let it go after just three wears. Does this happen to you often ? Buy something in a hurry,  little thought put in it and then... it just does not work ? I have to say it makes me upset as I like to think that I am now wiser and more assertive with my purchases, well I guess not. 


T. Mam said...

Sorry to hear your jumper dress has not met your expectations Lorena! I hate when that happens. I usually shop only online and I check all the items carefully before purchase.


Lyddiegal said...

Oh yes, Often times things seem fine in the dressing room but are terrible in the real world. The worst offenders are skinny jeans that stretch out after a few hours of wear.

Beauty Unearthly said...

Gorgeous! You look lovely dear!

Mica T said...

I think we all slip up from time to time and buy things we regret later, no matter how careful we think we are being! No-one is perfect all the time :)

If you're not enjoying it, best to let it go than try to force yourself to love it just because you bought it.

Away From The Blue Blog

Porcelina said...

Happens to us all! You still look cute ;)