Style Signifiers

Recently I was talking to a friend 
and she pointed out something to
me that I knew but not in the way 
she explained it. She had seen a
picture of me and commented that
I was wearing my "signature look", 
which to her was a pair of 
sunglasses resting on my head. 
Flower wrap top AHA - Turquoise tank top -
Black trousers Forever 21 - Black patent shoes Zara
If you know me, either from the 
blog or in "real life" you know 
that I always have a pair of sunglasses
with me. My eyes are super sensitive
to light so, to me they are a necessity.
Funny thing that out of necessity came
my style signifier, which has nothing
to do with brands, as I have said
before my sunnies range from pieces
picked up at the Dollar Store all the
way to designer items. 
What I found most amusing was that I
did not know it was my style signifier.

Do you think I have another signature
signifier that maybe I have not noticed ? 
Do you have a style signifier, if so, what is it ?


Kathrine Eldridge said...

Sunnies are so important in a signature look! A tunic with skinny jeans and booties is my signature look. Love your beautiful top!

Raysa Garcia said...

You look so classy! Love your top.
Xx, Raysa

Mica T said...

I had someone say something similar to me about seeing Raybans and thinking of me, as I always wear them! Funny as I wear them for practicality too (you need them for sun protection pretty much year round here and my ray-bans are polarised for driving so they get worn the most).

I've often struggled to define my style or 'signature look' - maybe it's the things we don't even think about as they are such a big part of us!

Away From The Blue Blog

Laura Bambrick said...

That is so interesting and a very good question! I have no idea what my style signifier would be. Something I need to think about! Lovely top on you! I adore the bright colors!

Anya Dryagina said...

Beautiful look! The combination of black and the flowers are very unusual!
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LyddieGal said...

I do think it's nice to have a signature look. Something I imagine myself having when I'm more mature and refined and don't make so many impulse purchases :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

How cool that your friend helped you to see that point about your own style. I'd long noticed your lovely sunnies, too (and how great they look on you), and would definitely say that they're a defining factor of your personal style. I also associate elegant flats, vibrant hued tops, and black trousers with your look a lot, dear Lorena.

xoxo ♥ Jessica