Meet Josephine. She's vintage.
Black trousers Mossimo - White vintage bib blouse Josephine - Black patent shoes Zara 
She was part of a vintage clothing hand me down 
from my great aunt who is in her 90's. 
Black bag Tous
Worn once, back in 2012.
As much as I love a good vintage blouse, 
this one gets no wear.
When I put it on this morning I realised it was because 
I have to pin the front and sleeves are too big.
As much as I love a good vintage blouse, I have
to admit its not doing me any favours. 
Plus I feel so boxy in it.
So, this is the last time you'll be seeing Josephine.


Closet Fashionista said...

So pretty though! I hope you keep it even if you don't wear it anymore.

backinstyle said...

I get such a good feeling when I'm sure I don't want to wear a garment again. The decision has been made, and there is one less thing taking up space in the closet! It is a very pretty blouse though.

Sheila said...

Farewell, Josephine! At least you have a picture of it to remember it by! I love how well you're doing with clearing out your closet!

Pembe Dünyam said...

Great post :) I following your blog, I waiting in my blog :)

Jessica said...

Lovely look! Beautiful blouse! =)




As a person who adores lace, I liked this blouse and love that you kept it that long, but I understand it's time for Josephine's departure. :)

LyddieGal said...

Sometimes we just need to hold on to things for a while before we are ready to let them go. It's vintage, it's pretty, but you knew you weren't wearing it for a reason. Hopefully she can find a new home with someone better suited to her cut.
Chic on the Cheap

Witchcrafted Life said...

Thank you for sharing Josephine with us one last time. She's a true beauty (love the roses!) and hopefully she'll be able to enjoy many more years of life with her next (future) owner.

♥ Jessica