White Wide Legged Trousers

Had been wanting to give these white trousers a last
opportunity before letting them go.
White trousers Ann Taylor Loft - Black tshirt Danskin -
Cable & Gauge snake print cardigan - Black patent flats Viascar
However this had not been possible as they did not fit.
Every time I tried them on, they were so tight.
However they fit today.
Through the day I realised the trousers were low cut,
the seam folded up does not help my small stature,
and since the hem is not long enough I cannot add heels.
I've heard you should never make promises when you 
are happy or make decisions when you're sad.
However this is one I won't regret, so, off they go.

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Kim Alston said...

Now, I want a pair! Love the snakeskin cardigan >.<