The moment I saw this dress at Forever 21 I knew I wanted it.
Black blazer Theory - White waist tie dress Forever 21 - Zebra print heels Bershka
Yeah, sure,  I would have preferred another colour.
One that set it apart from looking like a lab robe or a nurse's 
uniform (as a co worker referred to it this morning).
Would have also loved it more if the fabric had 
not been so see through. But, since I could wear
it with a slip, I figured it was ok.  
White sunglasses Kate Spade
When you like something at "first glance", 
your judgement is clouded and you make
decisions based on other principles - that when sense 
falls back into place, well it's kinda late. 
So, today I finally wear my tied at the waist dress,
with flaws and little adjustments here and there, 
it was: Love at first sight.


Kim Alston said...

It looks so good on you Lorena! I love how it ties in the front. Very chic!

Sheila said...

It is a really lovely dress, for a lovely lady!

LyddieGal said...

I would have totally gone for white, as you know I'm white obsessed. and I know what you mean about love at first sight, but not being so sure when I get home. I usually call that my fitting room goggles.

Even still, I think the dress is cute and preppy and looks good on you.
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