That scarf you don't know how to wear

This is it, we all have one:
that scarf that you don't know how to wear.
Jeans Saltworks - Blue striped blazer Forever 21 - White tshirt -
Brown wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction -
Tartan and leopard print scarf Lauren Ralph Lauren  
In my case, its a tartan and leopard print 
Lauren Ralph Lauren scarf. Its ruffly and short.
I've had it for a few years however its only
been worn 3 times and unless I can find a
really amazing way to wear it, I am going to
have to let it go.
Vintage gold shell pearl necklace
Any ideas ? 

Below is how it has been worn before.

2011 "cowl neck"              2015 tied on a tote

How would you wear it ?


Jessica Cangiano said...

If it was long enough to do so, I'd wear it as a belt. That, tied with as a 40s looking headscarf, is my favourite way to wear scarves. Failing that (aka, if it wasn't long enough), perhaps as a flow-y hatband around a wide brimmed straw or felt hat.

♥ Jessica

Shybiker said...

I'd wear it in a room with the lights out. :)

Seriously, that's the weirdest combination of prints I've ever seen. I don't believe it works. And I'd have no idea how to tie/wrap it.

Kim Alston said...

It's a gorgeous scarf Lorena! Those patterns look so good together. Who would've thought. I like it with the jacket and jeans. It might work as a belt also :D

LyddieGal said...

No clue! I received one of those ruffled scarves as a gift years ago. I think the one time I wore it (documented) I had it around my neck looking like a victorian collar. It was ridiculous, and I got rid of it.
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