Closet edit thoughts

If you have been around long enough you 
know I am constantly editing my closet.
AGB cream dress - Baci brown heels - Red suede belt
I usually wear things one last time to give
the garment and me a last opportunity
 to change my mind… sometimes feelings
get in the way, because yes, admit it, sometimes 
we just get attached to things - as stupid at it may sound.

This AGB cream dress ABS tan dress however
I am not attached to. Its not a great colour, the fit is
not my favourite, the button seems like its gonna
pop, its high waisted and lets be realistic, 
I have better dresses.
Why waste a day wearing this ?

Here is how it has been worn before.

By the way … if you are interested in anything 

from my closet edits, I am willing to ship it your way.


Chronically Vintage said...

Is is truly so sweet of you to offer to send your edits around the world. You're a beautiful soul, dear Lorena - and a real inspiration on so many levels as well.

♥ Jessica

Mica said...

I try wear things one last time too! Most of the time I end up getting attached to it, haha! But sometimes it just confirms in my mind that it should go :)

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