Odd colours

The fact that these colours look so odd
when placed side by side, made me want to 
wear them together.
Trousers Valerie Bertinelli - Blue top Forever 21 
A hue of sky blue and burgundy...
Brown shoes Baci - Bag Venezia 

Gone are the days where everything had to match.

Loving the imperfect.


Jane Droll said...

it works so well together! the color mixing possibilities are endless. it is fun, and you are brave enough to embrace it!

p.s. i think a lime green + a magenta would be lovely together.

Mica T said...

I like this colour combination! have to say I've never tried it though, I do like cobalt and burgundy together :) Your necklace is really nice with that shirt also.

Away From The Blue Blog

Cosmic said...

I actually quite like this colour combination(it's fun experimenting unusual colour combinations is'nt, tried this one myself & quite liked it too:), you don't expect it to work but worn with confidence it's surprising!

lorenabr said...


LyddieGal said...

I think they compliment each other quite nicely!
I had a pair of purple pants similar to those.... Held on to them for about a year and never wore them because I never liked anything I paired them with. As much as I've evolved past color prejudices some are still just harder for me to work with.
Chic on the Cheap

Sheila said...

Great colour combo!

Kim Alston said...

I like it Lorena! Looks great together! Love the ties on the sleeves. So cute.

Jessica Cangiano said...

On the contrary, I think they look sensational together! I made a whole series of greeting cards (I'm a paper crafter) a few years ago in virtually the same palette.

♥ Jessica