Making it fun

Being on the road for work is not easy.

Funny thing is, every time I mention to a friend or family member 
that I have an upcoming work trip, they always think its "so nice".

Sleeping in a bed you really don't want to know much about.
Having room service by yourself.
Being ready for anything.
Knowing at what time your day starts 
but not at what time it will end.

White skirt Zara - Striped t shirt Talbots - Black patent shoes Zara 
Hoping your bags will arrive intact and not missing your
earrings, perfume and toothpaste.. (yes toothpaste)

Simultaneously things are going on back home.
Like for example, I am back in class.
This means I have to catch up.

Nevertheless, its all about the attitude.
In my case, my way is get things done and 
try to make it fun.


Closet Fashionista said...

Wow, what a cool photo location!
Yea, travel for work must be a little hard, but also fun at the same time. Just hard when you're missing classes for work.

Jane Droll said...

you have a great attitude and you make it work!

and i love the setting! so beautiful!!!!

i flew to NY one time and the airline lost my luggage. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. every time i fly i worry the same thing will happen, so i always bring a carry on with MAKEUP and toiletries in it. clearly those things are very important to me, but so are clothes and shoes and jewelry! lost luggage is a gigantic pain!

Kim Alston said...

Traveling for your job is work. I was a trainer and had to travel between 3 states, so I can imagine what you're going through. It has its perks, but you definitely mentioned the downside. Love your outfit Lorena! Beautiful skirt, top and blazer! Looks lovely!

LyddieGal said...

This is such a cute outfit!
I don't blame you for not loving work travel... of course it's easy for everyone to forget you are not traveling for pleasure and I know many people who take work trips see little else than the insides of offices.
Glad you are able to make the most of it and schedule sometime to take in a couple sites.
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