Lately I have been doing a little experiment.

Jumper via JollyChic - Black flats Sam Edelman - Black Tous bag
It's suddenly smiling at people.

You are sitting down in a restaurant and your eyes
meet another person's and they're serious or just staring.

I just smile and I have to say it's great to see most smile back.


Debra Lynn Mejia said...

Here's a smile from me to you :)

Londyn said...

I love it! :) We could all use a little extra cheer!

Kim Alston said...

I'm always smiling. Some interpret it the wrong way sometimes. HAHAHA People are too grumpy nowadays. Their faces seem to crack if they try to smile.

t said...

:) Lovely post!

xo T.

Mica T said...

It's always nice to smile at people, brings some cheer to someone's day :)

Love those printed pants on you too!

Away From Blue

Kelly Roy said...

That's an excellent practice!I'm reading some of your older posts and your style has evolved so much! It's great to see the change and that you still post!

Katherine said...

I love your outfit! I've been wanting to try out these pants. I think I will :) And outfits always looks great with a smile :)