Melanie´s baby shower

This weekend I attended a cousin's
baby shower.

White lace dress Zara - Red bow belt Forever 21 - Red heels Melissa
It was like no other baby shower I had ever seen.
It was at a local club, with over 120 guests, both men, women and 
children in strollers...

It even included a live stand up comedian.

All surrounded by a orquids and little man favors.
It was so much fun.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Beautiful outfit! You look fantastic with the white lace and deep red.

Sheila said...

Stunning outfit, Lorena! That sounds like a bizarre shower!

Londyn said...

That sounds like a VERY unique and awesome shower!! LOL

BTW - You look AMAZING!!! This might be one of my fave looks for you! So flattering and just plain gorgeous on you.

Jane Droll said...

that is a HUGE baby shower! wow!

and i love your dress!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I have always wanted a White Lace Dress - maybe next year. Loving the Pumps too.

That shower sounds a little bit like Albanian Wedding & Baby Showers. Though ours usually only have women. And by Albanian Showers I mean the Albanians that live in US. I should say Albanian-Americans LOL.