I have an "eye" for flaws.
It's a blessing and a burden.

Black trousers H&M - Black jacket Nine West - Striped tank New York & Co. -
 Me Too leopard print flats - print belt Vince Camuto
For work it's amazing as I can look at something and tell you 
what needs to be improved almost immediately.
It comes natural, without even trying.
For school work, as I sit there and look at classmates' 
presentations, I find misspellings, how words are mispronounced,
how the numbers in the pie chart don't add up...

Same thing happens with outfits, I am the first to tell you what is
wrong with my outfit.

The flaws jump up at me while the positive things seem to take a back seat.
I recognise it: 
it's my own flaw to look at what is wrong first and I have to 
make a real extra effort to find the good things.


Kim Alston said...

HAHAHA Lorena! That's good though! You're smart and you CARE! I wish more people cared nowadays. Sloppiness prevails unfortunately. People just throw things together.

Anonymous said...

I love the pairing of leopard and stripe you've got going on. Very cool.

I feel like I have an eye for flaws too. It was fantastic when I was a proof reader, but not so much for other situations in life. I've learned most people don't want advice unless it's asked for. ;)

Jessica Cangiano said...

I'm precisely the same way - I think it comes part and parcel with the fact that I was an absolute perfectionist when I was growing up. I think I'll always be to a certain extent, but I've learned (and at times, been forced by circumstances beyond my control) to be a lot more chill on this front as I've gotten older. Mistakes are part of life, and perfection can be overrated in some situations.

♥ Jessica

Gaby de Modacapital said...

You look great! Love those shoes! :)

Sheila said...

I do that too - it can come across to others as negative, but I can't help it!

Pia J said...

I try not to always see flaws but definitely can relate as it is usually the first thing we see, especially in ourselves.
I love this outfit, I am a big fan of stripes and leopard!
Looks great.