Another trend from March 2013 InStyle issue:

via March 2013 InStyle issue 
The Peek-a-boo.
In my book it transaltes to sheer.
Black flats Michael Kors
So, I picked out a sheer black top and paired it with a black skirt.
While it's not a favorite and the sheer top will most likely end in the
giveaway pile...

I guess it worked fine for a Friday.


Jenniya said...

Nice dress! :)

XX, IamJenniya
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Elle Sees said...

love the top! and your puppies are too cute!

Imogen said...

Definitely worked! Love those shoes also

Kim Alston said...

LOL Lorena! You always want to get rid of everything. HAHAHA It looks really good! You paired it well doll! Have a great week!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a wonderfully pretty top - the delicate embroidery has an elegant, timeless feel to it that evokes thoughts of the great floral painters of 19th century Europe.

♥ Jessica

*PS* Thank you so tremendously much for your beautiful, heartwarmingly touching comment on my post yesterday. It made my whole day and then some!