I never wait for the last moment to do things.

Black flats Vera Wang Lavender

However, this time I did - and I have no excuse.

I waited for the last day to enroll school,
however I did it first thing in the morning...
that's got to count for something right ?


Kathya stryzak said...

Buen dia!!

Hermosa toda de negro!! linda!



Kim Alston said...

it does lorena! hahaha oh gosh, i'm definitely a procrastinator. everything always comes out great, but i can get frazzled by the end.

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh this outfit looks so comfy, haha :D Love the little embellishment in your ponytail!

Anne said...

Love your black outfit...have a good week:)

Jane Droll said...

well as long as you made it, it is ok!

Jessica Cangiano said...

For sure! The important thing is that you did it, don't beat yourself up about the when. I really hope you have an awesome school term/year, dear Lorena.

♥ Jessica