Great Grandparents

On Saturday I took pictures at Grandma's house.

Liz Claiborne jeans (via JC Penney) - Tommy Hilfiger top - Michael Kors black bag - Innovativi wedges 

As I uploaded the pictures I realized that her parents, 
meaning my great grandparents`pictures were in the back.

He was a french roads engineer and she was mother to over a dozen children. 
Unfortunately for me, I did not get to meet them, as they both passed away
long before I was born.

Did you meet your GREAT grandparents ?


Shybiker said...

What a lovely post. Your outfit is attractive and it's fun to see your ancestors.

I met the grandparents on my mother's side (and even Great Grandma Toots) but nobody on my dad's side 'cause he immigrated here alone from Germany.

Cool Vanity said...

Yo aún tengo un abuelito de 96 años que está estupendo y durante muchos años de mi vida tuve a los 4, una suerte!.Bsinos.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

That's a fab top! I love it with those jeans.

drollgirl said...

i like this outfit! i wish i had more tops like this -- perfect to pair with jeans and casual days.

i have known all of my grandparents. three passed away several years ago. i have one left, and she is 93. she is in terrible shape, but i expect most people would be by that age. grandparents are such a great thing, and i am sorry you never knew yours.

i missed out on having kids, but i hope to have grandkids someday! seriously! i think grandkids would be more fun. (my boyfriend has kids, so there is a possibility this could happen!)

Mica said...

Lovely printed top :) I like your necklace too!

I was lucky enough to have met my great grandparents - I was very young, but I have a vague memory of meeting my great grandmother.

Elegance Personified said...

My one great grandpa actually died when I was 4 so I did get to meet him. He is the one ancestor who had migrated from Albania to USA at the age of 14.

I love grandparents. Unfortunately by November of 2009, my last one alive, passed away. Their moemory lives with me forever, though.

Ohh and great outfit. Love the shoes, top & necklace. Where is that monogrammed piece from?