This Shirt

A few weeks back I emptied my entire closet
(except dresses)
and placed all of its content on my bed.

I was trying to find items that I had not worn in the last 3 years,
the only way to know was either by trying to remember or
going to my cheat sheet: the blog.
White trousers Ann Taylor Loft - Brown heels Kenneth Cole Reaction - Lorell blouse Mexico -
Michael Kors black bag - Silver tone belt - Tous silver pendant
One of the reasons I add below the pictures the brand 
of the item I am wearing is so I can keep track. 
The other reason is in case someone likes it, they can 
try and track it down. 
I know when I like something on other blogs I will hunt it down.

Anyways, as I organized the closet and put each garment back, 
I'd check on the blog if the item had been worn in this blog's 
life span (3 years).

Whenever I found that an item had not been worn in 
the last 3 years, I left it aside.

Then I counted how many items had not been worn.
I was actually quite surprised to find that it was less than 20 items.

I decided I would try to wear these items in the following weeks 
and if I didn't I would part with them.
One of the items is the shirt I am wearing today,
which I bought in Mexico at least 5 years ago...

I know, you had to read the entire post just for that.


Lisa said...

I really love this top. The metallic belt looks so nice with the sheen of the top.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Well that is a great looking top girl! HAHAHA Don't part with it! I'm emptying my closet this weekend. OH WHAT FUN! LOL I like your system of what to do with things.

ana said...

Yo empece a hacer limpieza cuando conocí tu blog! Me di cuenta que sí no me lo he puesto en digamos 2 años o lo guardo para la posteridad o lo regalo pero ya no tiene caso que este en mi closet! Así qué gracias Lore.:)

Mica said...

That is such a nice top! Can't believe you haven't worn it in so long, you should definitely wear it more often :)