Ticked off

It's been ages since I have used the term "ticked off".

Levis Jeans - Lacoste white button down shirt - H&M straw bag - Black and beige flats Marc Fisher
I decided to grab a bag I had not worn for a while, from looking back at 
the blog archives, I am guessing since March 2010.

It's a straw and pvc bag I purchased from H&M, 
which I had forgotten about.
Well, to my dismay the bag began to fall apart, the thin
plastic on the handles began to shrivel...
the tiny specs of plastic were all over my shirt, my hands, the floor..

I think I store my bags correctly.
I place them in bags inside a trunk.
Also with the bags I place those little packets that come 
with the shoes that are supposed to keep humidity out.
It's not the first bag that's been ruined and I 
really do not know what to do about it.

I am so ticked off.

Any suggestions ?


Anonymous said...

I don't really have a suggestion, although the dessicant should protect from humidity. I think I've seen you "ticked off" before...when it comes to collaborative class projects.

Sheila said...

Personally? Stop buying cheap bags. PVC is crap. H&M sells crap. Save all the money you would have spent on 20 cheap bags and buy a real leather bag that will last.

I am learning this lesson myself, especially around shoes, but bags too. Leather is the best.

Mica said...

Sorry to hear about your bag! I find PVC really doesn't last very long - even PVC bags I've bought from high street stores just start to tear and wrinkle in a few months.

A good idea would be to maybe store them in your closet, inside pillow cases to keep the dust off. Somewhere that's cool and dry but that still has a little bit of airflow. It will help a little , but PVC doesn't last long :(

Elegance Personified said...

My bags usually get ruined by keeping too much stuff in them, making them heavy. This looks like such a nice bag and it doesn't look so cheaply-made. I am sorry.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry about your bag!

I do want to compliment you on your outfit; its simple and classic. Jeans and a white shirt are always right.

Emmett Katherine said...

Classic outfit :) I hate when stuff gets ruined, so frustrating.