Antigua, Guatemala

After a long week, I decided to treat myself to a Saturday 
in one of Unesco´s World Heritage sites: 
Antigua in Guatemala.

Blue and white striped dress (no brand) - Red bag D&G - Silver flats GAP 

So, I booked a one day tour to take me there.

I had wanted to visit for a long time, as I have special interest
in colonial and historic sites.

The cobble stone roads, the colorful homes and the people were a 
delight to watch.

There was music in the streets, such as this family 
of father and children playing live..

Lots of food.
There was food everywhere, I had to hold myself back.

We did a lot of walking which gave us the opportunity to
catch the little details..

As this door knocker,

or the hand painted floors.

Finally, I also got to witness a the Fuego volcano as it threw moderate explosions with fine ash plumes... 
Not what I had originally signed up for but quite a sight :)


confesionesdesdemiarmario said...

qué bonito lugar!!
un bso,

Judy C said...

What a wonderful day and what a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

drollgirl said...

omg! i am so jealous! i would LOVE to go visit guatemala! i love the colors, the architecture, the textiles, and i bet the food is delicious!!!!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

haha that volcano "spitting up" is hilarious. definitely not what you signed up for! hahaha lorena!!! awww, it is awesome! i love the cobblestone roads, culture and architecture. so beautiful! love your outfit! very pretty!

Mica said...

What lovely pictures - looks like a great day! You look very brave in front of the volcano, I would be a little scared!

Elegance Personified said...

You finally treated yourself to a non-work-related trip. The idea sounds spectacular to take a full day for yourself and go out of town.

The photos are phenomenal. So much rich history. I do love your relaxed stripped dress with the necklace, purse & scarf.

I miss you over my page but you have fun on your trips, now. ;-)

Take Care. XOXO Ada.

Lisa said...

What an interesting trip in Guatamala. I love the beautiful painted floor.

Sounds like a very interesting trip...particularly the volcano.

I like your striped dress; I have one and its one of my favorites!

greygirl said...

Looks wonderful xx

ana said...

Que hermosas fotos!!!! El dia que visite Chiapas tengo que ir también a Guatemala!! Y conocer esta ciudad que es bellísima