Natalia's birthday

I was invited to a little girl's birthday party.
Certainly, I had to go.

Equestrian theme top FELINE - Red jeans Sweetheart Old Navy - Gold flats Nine West - Black bag Michael Kors

Sometimes when we are invited to events, whatever they might be - 
we forget that each person invited equals $.
They invest in the invitation, favors, meals and so on.
Also, the person who invited you, had to sit down and make a list
and maybe even leave someone else out- just to include you.

So, whenever I am invited to anything, 
I make the my best effort to be there.
I was at Natalia's birthday - arrived late, but made it-


drollgirl said...

you look fab in these colors! just beautiful!

sometimes the gift thing leads to resentment. i am one of the very few in my family that are not married with kids. so, each christmas i have to buy a scrillion gifts for kids and their parents, and it gets expensive. but whatever -- in theory i have more expendable income because i am not spending it on kids each day! :)

Elegance Personified said...

Another beautiful post and nice words. I am glad Natalia was happy to see you there. You look lovely and summer-bright. Love the top, pants and of course YOUR NAILS. =)

Mica said...

Aww I'm glad you made it to the party - I'm sure she loved seeing you there :)

Your bright outfit is perfect :)

Megan Mae said...

Love the bright red jeans. They're fabulous with the printed top.

Parties are quite expensive. I rarely attend anything pre-paid, because most of my friends are not married/no kids and we all pay our own way to events.