In July I bought...

During the month of July I picked up some items,
as usual none of these were really needed.

I started of with a pair of black flats that tie at the ankle:
Presumida  for 7.99 USD

While I was in Uruguay I came across a Zara store that was on
sale - which wasn't much of a sale - and walked out with :
a silver envelope bag: 24.00 USD and silver flats from
the girl's department for 23.00 USD -

Since I was headed to cooler climates in July, I bought
2 pairs of tights for 5.99 USD each .
Also bought a black and white beaded necklace for 1.99 USD.
A top caught my eye and came home with me: Marineblu top for 23.00 USD
While in Argentina I went to the crafts fair and had these
3 bracelets custom made for 12.00 USD .

My last purchase was in Argentina, it was this orangey poncho top
Free, which now I am not too sure about, total 25.00 USD.

My July total was 121.52 USD


Melanie said...

I love both pair of shoes! So cute. As always, I'm impressed by the great deals you're able to find.

Lisa said...

I love...LOVE the poncho. I think it will be a really versatile piece. The trim on the bottom is very pretty. I also really like the silver envelope bag. Both great pieces!

Cool Vanity said...

Zara is incredible cheaper in Spain than other countries.
Nice things. Kisses.

Iris NoRepeats said...

I actually did alot (for me) of shopping in July as well. Love your finds :)

Shybiker said...

Nice choices. The shoes are really cute.

Mica said...

Great purchases! I really like the silver shoes and the bracelets!

Elegance Personified said...

Don't regret any of these. I love them all especially the cute bracelets, little black flats and & the sleeveless V-Neck top.