Way before there were blogs, on line dating and virtual friendships...
there were pen pals.

Saltworks jeans - White blouse from Puebla - Payless wedges - Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction 

Yes, total strangers you got to know through handwritten letters.
I had a pen pal when I was about thirteen years old, time went by 
and we kept in touch.
We exchanged letters, pictures, matchboxes, stickers and 
even collector's spoons. 

We wrote to each other for years all the way through college.
She was from Puebla in Mexico.
Then we lost track of each other, then the internet was invented.
A few years back I got an email from her asking me if I was me.
We got back in touch and finally met two years ago.
It was like seeing an old friend, we spent a weekend together
exploring Puebla and she got me this shirt.


Terri said...

I never managed to maintain a pen pal relationship for very long...but if you are ever in the American midwest, you are always welcome at my house.

Biba said...

I had many pen pals and I still keep in touch with some of them; I spent my first holiday in Britain with a pen pal (the year before she'd come to my place) - all in all, pen pals are (were) great! Don't you just love a hand-written letter? :)

Mica said...

Oh so great you re-connected with your pen pal! I had a few when I was younger but lost touch over time. I like that top she bought you :)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely story, I got goosebumps when you said she bought you that shirt.... It looks so pretty on you.

Elegance Personified said...

I used to have pen-pals whom I later met in real-life. With two of them I am still friends though we don't talk as much. One lives here where I reside now (in Tirana, Albania), the other one in Australia. The third girl decided to drop dead out of the blue and even-though I became best friends with her and I even got to meet her family and she attended my wedding, she stopped our friendship and I have never known why.

Anyway, this blouse is gorgeous. I also love your wedges and purse.

Kristen said...

Oh, I was always so terrible about keeping up with pen-pals after the first two letters or so. I love that you reconnected with yours. What a great story, and a lovely memory for that lovely blouse.