Ferre Eau de Cologne

It's time for a scent change !
this time I am going for a unisex cologne.
Ferre Eau de Cologne.
I had smelled it many times before, but just not on me.
It´s fresh, smells so clean and
has very plesant bergamota marina (citrus)
scent that is just a wonderful way to start the day.

Even though it is supposed to be unisex (or so, I was told)
I believe it is more of a guy's cologne.
Now, leaving that aside, it's what I have been wearing for
the last couple of weeks and have yet to receive a compliment ...

Maybe no one's brave enough to say I smell like a guy :)


Kathya Stryzak said...

hummm debe ser buenisimo Lore..no conocia eso..besos y buen martes


Anonymous said...

There are some scents for males I really like. the last unisex scent I wore would have been CKOne.

Annmarie Pipa said...

thanks for the review..i think I like completely female scents better on me than unisex ones...

Margaux said...

I like this scent... Classy and sexy! :-)

coco said...

like unisex perfumes !

Elegance Personified said...

I think most unisex colognes smell more for guys than ladies. I wonder why. I think more women can pull off guys' colognes/parfumes than the other way around. I had an unisex parfume for a while (from American Eagle) and sprayed it often. I loved its fresh citrusy smell though I agree it was more geared towards guys.