Compliments from a neighbor

Today my day started very early.
Pink jeans Papaya - Guess burgundy top - Qupid grey wedges -Grey patent bag Arena Milano

I did a lot of stuff which meant going back and forth
and going in and out of my apartment building several times.

On one of those times I ran into a neighbor.
A tanned, short Brazilian lady who I usually see
at least once a week.
As I said hello to her she looked at me and said "Que bonito"which translates into "How pretty".
So, I know what you are thinking "Oh how nice" - well not really.

You see... I don't like how she dresses.
I do not recall seeing and thinking, "Wow she looks great"-
so coming from her maybe it's not a compliment...

So this just got me thinking...
Is a compliment just a compliment ?
Or does it depend on who it is coming from ?
Am I giving this too much thought ?


Anonymous said...

Well, let me put it this way--some people's compliments matter more to me than others, but something did move her to compliment you and I say, simply accept it at face value.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What a lovely neighbour. Min never comment on anything like that.
I am sure it is a valid compliment.

Elegance Personified said...

Those light Pink pants are great but I am in love with your gorgeous bejeweld purple lacy camisole. I am a sucker for sexy neglige-like camisoles and own several. Yours would complete my collection. WOW!!

Style Sud-Est said...

Here is what i am thinkink...
She might dress awfull when it comes to her, but it does not mean that she can not acknowledge something pretty, she probably just wish she could dress as well as you!

Yes you are ginving it too much toughts!

Ariane xxxxx

LyddieGal said...

haha, that is an interesting way of looking at it. there are some people who dress poorly who really don't have an eye for fashion, and then there are people who appreciate it, but don't elect to partake in it.

as far as i'm concerned, if it sounds sincere, it counts.