Capris or Pedal Pushers ?

What's a capri ?
According to the Free Dictionary:
Tight-fitting, calf-length women's pants, often having a slit on the outside of the leg bottoms.

I thought these were capris, but I guess they are not.

They are not totally tight fitting and the don't have a slit on the outside of the leg bottoms.

So, maybe they are actually pedal pushers, which according to the Free Dictionary are:
       pedal pushers
Calf-length slacks worn by women and girls.
       [From their originally being worn by bicyclists.]

Black - grey capris Croquet Club - 
Luciano Dante Bow top - White Da Moda white button down shirt - Black sweater Rafaella - Kenneth Cole Reaction purple bag - Red flats - Black wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction 

So, I think they are pedal pushers....
What do you call them ?


Shybiker said...

I call them cute!

Actually, I've been confused for years with the terminology for short pants. There are a half-dozen terms and I'm never sure which applies.

I remember admiring these pants when I was a young boy and wishing I could wear them... That was one of the earliest times I learned girl's clothes were forbidden to me.


I love the comment above, yeah called them cute would definitely be the name of it.

But yeah, i will also related to them as a capri, seem like most ppl would refer to them this way.

Nice post btw :D

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Kathya Stryzak said...

Hola hermosa ..con el saquirto queda mejor :)
besos y buena semana

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Some food for thought - either way both pics look great. Perfect styling.

Kristen said...

I did not realize capris were more fitted than pedal-pushers; I would have thought it was the opposite!

Either way they they are very cute on you. :)

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

I think there are lots of names for women's trousers! You look wonderful. Come post on Visible Monday, if you have a chance : >

Daniela said...

I think that to the right they're pedal pushers and to the left their capris. I thought it had to do with the length! You look cute in both though

LyddieGal said...

well, i say capris. i suppose because pedal pushers sounds outdated, but at least it doesn't sound as bad as high-waters.

either way, i love your second look!

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joshylola said...

Me encantan este tipo de pantalones, favorecen muchísimo.Un besote


Qué bonitos los pantalones, aunque yo no me atrevo con ellos!

Megan Mae said...

I have always called them capri pants, but I think part of it has to do with marketing. When I was going into my teens and that length of pant was so popular they were marketed as "capris" and "wife beaters" got called "tanks" instead of "tank tops". Pedal pushers is a bit of an older term that I believe my mom/grandmother grew up with. She tends to use that term more often.

drollgirl said...

i recently read a blurb by tim gunn, and he launched into a tirade about capris. he said they NEVER work on any woman, and that they should always be avoided. i was stunned.

not sure how he feels about pedal pushers!