Remember the house ?

A few weeks back (here) I wrote about
the view I have from where I sit at work.

Black jumper Praia collection - Beige cardigan Forever 21 - Anne Klein animal print flats - Neiman Marcus black tote bag
 Since I sit in a corner I have a view of the street.
I get to do a lot of people watching as I keep the shades open.

I have respect and love for old buildings and the Spanish style homes in
the area so it was sad to see how the for sale/rent sign was taken down.
I could only expect the worst.

View from the office
As I had imagined, the house torn down little by little.

Which was a pain to watch.

Specially when it came to the Peruvian style wood balcony.
I know, I know at the end it's just a house.

I saw and heard as the entire thing was taken apart.

I kept looking out the window all day long.

Could not concentrate.

The house is now gone.

But there's this huge tree left.

As I grow older I have more and more love, appreciation
and admiration for nature.

This tree stands alone and I get teary eyed as I write because 
I can only imagine the worst: that it will be taken down and that I will 
most likely have to see every single moment of it.

On the other hand,
I can only hope for this lot to be turned into a parking lot
and that the tree is left for its glorious shade.


Jeannee said...

Beautiful post that speaks to the heart!

Jeannee said...

And P S - love your sponsers!

Stacey said...

so sad.....I hate to see that and that tree is gorgeous - I too appreciate nature more and more as I age - LOVE nature!!

LyddieGal said...

That is so sad! I too get all broken up when I see beautiful things torn down, especially trees that are older than us all.

Bella said...

This is very sad. I hope the keep the tree.

Kathya Stryzak said...

Lore..buenas tardes!! preciosa ropa...estas siempre bella..besos y buen jueves!!

Emma said...

Beautiful post and Beautiful outfit. I especially LOVE that jumper.

Bad Joan said...

It's so sad that they tore down that nice house, hopefully the tree will get to stay!


SassyUptownChic said...

Hope they leave it alone. Keep us posted.
SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

Bombshellicious said...

So incredibly sad Lorena as you know I hate all the old buildings being destroyed, lets hope they leave the tree in peace .... wishful thinking eh? I am annoyed too as there was a beautiful building where I drive by to go to the supermarket and that has finally been demolished, guess whats going in its place ...... another damn supermarket !!!!!!! xx