Closet work

I have been working on my closet these
last couple of nights.

Black Charter club trousers - White tank - Via Vai striped blouse - Bershka black and white heels - Michael Kors black bag

Started with the bottoms department.
First, took out all of my jeans, capris, shorts, trousers and skirts.
Cleaned the closet and the tube they are hung on.
(I would have never known there was dust there!)

Tassel necklace Forever 21

I have quite a few items on trial as I am not
sure if I should keep them or not.
As I do this "cleaning" process I have
my "handy" blog next to me and it's actually helping me
know how much wear an item has gotten in the past two years.

How does your blog help you ?


Shybiker said...

That's a great tassel-necklace.

My blog helps me in innumerable ways -- one of which was getting to meet you!

Judy C said...

Hey, the outfit you have on is great. And I'm with Shybiker. I love that necklace.

Kathya Stryzak said...

Buenas lore..el accesorio si es precioso combina con tu camisa..besosss

drollgirl said...

that shot with the necklace is INCREDIBLE! I LOVE IT!!!!

my blog helps me in many ways. it makes me laugh. and/or get my frustrations out. the comments are probably the best part about having a blog!! :)

Patti said...

Great thinking, using your blog as a closet-reminder! I must think about this some more, as I am currently a little lazy about cleaning out. I, too, love that necklace!

Miss Cortni said...

love your tassled necklace - very cute!! :)

- <3

Frances Joy said...

Love the necklace. And I need to do the same with my closet. I think the blog helps me to figure out what I actually like and what I don't. Love it!

SassyUptownChic said...

You always look pretty in black & white! Fab trousers and striped top. They look great on you. And I'm loving your tassel necklace. F21 has some fab stuff! I just started my fashion blog, so it's forcing me to really look at myself, wardrobe and everything. It truly helps! :)
SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

I've been doing some closet work this week too!!!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Cute outfit! My blog helps me in the same way, I realize that there are some items I only wear once every 6 months of even once a year!

Kristen said...

Love the tassel necklace, especially against the striped blouse.
I have noticed with my blog there are pieces I think I wear more than I do, but I don't really use the blog to help keep my closet organized. I probably should!