Check your label

Last year I had a "label revelation"
and decided to check my labels to have
an idea of where the goods I consume were coming from.
Last year's recap post here.

This year I am doing it again, starting today and ending on Friday.
Certainly you are invited to join, if you do, let me know so I
can link your blog :)

If you do not have that much time, just check the label 
of what you are wearing next time you go to the bathroom 
and tell us where it's from in the comments section.

I check most labels that I can find...
Ferre perfume and lotion Italy, Smashbox face powder 
and eyeshadow made in U.S.A., Tous blush made in Spain,
Dove deodorant made in Mexico, 
Rosaterapia moisturizer made in Chile.
Maybelline liquid eyeliner - ?

Vogue black nail polish made in Colombia.

Zara dress -black tank top -  animal print belt - Red lips sandals - Michael Kors black bag 
My dress is from Zara and it was made in Morocco.
The shoes are made in Brazil.
The watch is swiss.
Neither the earrings, belt or bag have "made in" information.

Firefly stainless steel earrings

Miraculously I have not seen a "made in China" tag today :)
I am guessing I have not looked well enough.

So, tell me .... have you checked your label ?


Patti said...

Great idea - I am going to do this today.

Kathya Stryzak said...

ahhhh hermoso hijito!! que divino..presentando los productos de la mami!!

ahhh esmalte bello..besos Sole!!

ahh tengo otro perrito...snoopy!!

SassyUptownChic said...

Ohhh Lorena Lorena! I'm loving your dress girl. WHAT A GREAT COLOR! And I love your shoes! LOVE THEM! I so love this post. We use stuff everyday and not notice where things are made. Thanks for bringing that up! I'm going to look later this evening at all of my stuff! HAHAHAHA
SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

Style Journey said...

I got you covered on the Made in China label. My cardigan was made there. Fun post!


ana said...

que interesante! lo que nos demuestra cuan pequeño es el mundo... no he revisado las etiquetas la verdad... pero la mayoría de mis zapatos son hechos en México, la ropa varía porque compro en tiendas como Zara que estan hechas en Marruecos o La India y de China claro será el 60% jaja saludos! me encanta tu vestido!

Sheila said...

I always check the labels! I hate buying made in China!

You look gorgeous in that dress, my dear. :)

Shybiker said...

This is one of the more fascinating things I've seen a blogger do and I'm really happy to learn about it. The knowledge leads to valuable insights about our clothing that are invisible to most people. Great post!

Angel Garcia said...

I too always check where my stuff is made! Love the ZARA dress.. Awesome!

Love! ~Angel

Kristen said...

So cool, this is such a great feature. An eye-opener for sure!
I think this year I will do it too, but I am going to do it for all the foods I eat. I am putting it off to next week so I can mark down where all the fresh foods came from while I am out shopping. Thanks for the inspiration!

Bombshellicious said...

Love the dress it really suits u. I check my labels too but I will be doing it a bit more and I might list it. Awww to the house I am so disappointed why oh why do they knock nice stuff down xx

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Chic outfit! The dress looks great with the leopard belt!

Delane said...

The picture of your dog made my day!!!