How do you remain sane, calm and 
keep it all together at work
when all you want to do is run out the door ?

Black Charter Club trousers - Emporium button down - Melissa red shoes - Black Michael Kors Bag

Please someone tell me !


Kathya Stryzak said...

Hola lore..que divino collar..un amor..besos y buen martes!!!

Patti said...

Beautiful touches of red!

Miss Cortni said...

i love the red shoes and necklace! i'm also digging the plaid top. Where i live EVERYBODY wears plaid flannel so it's really cute and I wear it a lot also :3

- <3

Anonymous said...

Love the pops of red you added!

Sheila said...

Fake it till you feel it, honey! Hang in there!

Love the outfit!

Kristen said...

When I get stressed, I find I spend more time getting dressed in the morning. Having an outfit that feels like armor against all the insanity makes me feel much better. So the crazier it gets, the better I dress! :)

Love that plaid top. The placket on the side is such a great detail.