Jeans to a meeting ?

I would say not appropriate !
Seriously, would you wear jeans to a meeting ?

Levi's jeans - Lacoste white button down -Green cardigan - Beige pumps Fergalicious - 
Black bag Michael Kors - Rope tassel belt sel made

Normally I would not, specially if I am visiting a customer.
When visiting a customer I stay away from jeans, 
flashy nail polish and peep toe or sandals.
In this case, for a change, I am the customer so
I thought it could be ok.

I mean, it's Friday....

Isn't it ?


Mimi said...

The customer is ALWAYS right they say.....You still look well put together and professional and I love the hint of green;)

Aesthetic Lounge

Shybiker said...

I wouldn't wear them. But then, you can get away with anything because you're special!

Melanie said...

A lot of variables to consider. I work in a "business casual" environment, and nice jeans are perfectly acceptable for meetings. It's a large company, and even the CEO has been known to wear jeans, a white button down and classic navy blazer to meetings.

Elaine said...

YES, it's Friday! I love the belt :)

Miss Cortni said...

of course! i mean it IS friday after all ;) love the belt!

- <3

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

You do look very chic and professional. I think you could pull off jeans to any meting:)