Hello Kitty goes home

Or so I thought.
Little did I know that
I would get to Reagan National airport to get
on a delayed flight that would be even more delayed.

DKNY boyfriend jeans - Hello Kitty Forever 21 top - Le Sport Sac flats - H&M headband 

In fact so delayed that as it landed in Newark, my
connecting flight had already taken off.
They called it "bad weather", I call it bad airline.
Continental Airlines did not pay for my hotel room, 
food or transport expenses.
Now picture me wearing the same thing, two days in a row.
Hello Kitty was not happy.


Miss Cortni said...

So cute! I love the Hello Kitty :) I actually went to the DMV about a month ago and there was this lady behind the counter and her entire cubicle was filled with Hello Kitty things. It was so funny!!
Your blog is very intersting :) I'm following now :)
Care to check out mine?
- missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

drollgirl said...


but at least they didn't lose your luggage. that drives me BARKING MAD when it happens!