Diy: tassel necklace

I received some comments on yesterday's necklace.

So I decided to take a few pictures of it so you 
could  see it in detail.
It is just one yard of fabric trim that is commonly
used for enhancing curtains and taxis (at least where I live!)

I folded it in half and sew the crease together in order
to give it some shape and have it stay in place.
I also removed two tassels so it would not look
so crowded and made a rope belt with them.
 I could probably remove more tassels, depends
on the look you are going for.

Last, for the closure, you can probably just sew it together but
I decided to add a button so I could give it some weight.

As you see, it's as easy as it can get.


Judy C said...

Thanks for the explanation. I love that necklace and it looks super under a jacket.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

What a great idea. That is totally thinking outside of the box!


Shybiker said...

Thank you! I was hoping for a closer look when I saw this yesterday. It's so unusual and interesting.